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La Bella Signora’s Top 3 Festive Make-up Tips

Top 3 Tips to keep you looking stunning over the festive season

Top beauty tips from La Bella Signora

During the festive season, more women experiment with getting their make-up professionally applied or purchasing new make-up and trying it out at home. Studies have shown that women would rather impress other women than males or even their own partners and with so many Christmas parties and lunches to attend, it could explain the amount women spend on cosmetics over the Christmas period. So to make sure that you never fail to impress, I am going to share with you 3 top festive make up tips.

Tip 1. Highlighter

Nothing looks better than a beautiful, glowing face that highlights all of your best features. Highlighting make-up is a god send if you know how to use it correctly, and is a must have for any make-up bag! A personal favourite of mine is ‘benefit girl meets pearl’ which retails at £24.50 – it’s a twisty bottle with a highlighting shimmery cream inside. It is described as a face primer but is way too shimmery and definitely works better as a highlighter. You should put three small dots onto the top of your cheekbones and rub it along the top of the bone. I also apply a miniscule dot underneath each brow bone and a same sized dot in the corner of each eye. This gives an instant glow! The pinkie tones in it work great for my very light skin tone. If however your skin tone is medium to dark then I suggest you choose a golden toned shimmer, like ‘benefit sun beam’, which retails at £18.50. It’s much warmer in colour and looks great on tanned/olive skin.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. Source:

Tip 2. Brows

Brows are the most important feature on anyone’s face. They frame the face and the wrong brow shape is extremely aging on the skin. So the best advice I can give anyone is to get them professionally shaped; even if it’s just once every six weeks. It’s an instant pick me up! I would recommend if you can afford it to get them done every three weeks. There are so many great brow kits on the market and once again the benefit kit comes top of my list: ‘brows a go go’. The kit comes with tweezers, a mirror, a kohl eyeliner pencil, brushes, eye shadow, brow powder and brow wax and retails at £27.50. Its description online shows it’s not just for your brows but can also make your eyes look fantastic too!

Crave beautiful brows, NOW? With this exclusive kit you can
Line and define your brows AND eyes wherever you go-go.
It’s got everything you need for a professional eye-look anytime.

I personally think it’s the best brow grooming kit on the market.

Brows a-go-go

Brows a-go-go. Source: Benefit Cosmetics

Tip 3. Eyeliner

Eyeliner swept across the top eye lid can instantly make a statement and is a really elegant way to emphasise the eyes. The best way to get this look is to use a liquid eyeliner. I suggest Max Factor’s ‘Masterpiece glide and define liquid eyeliner’; it has the precision of a kohl liner but the glide is a liquid. It is like a felt tip pen that is very easy to sweep across the lid, whether you’re going for a thin or thick line, and retails for £6.99.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define. Source:

Everything discussed in this post can be achieved at La Bella Signora, with professional make-up applications for those Christmas parties and nights out starting at just £15 and brow shaping for just £6. Click here to get in touch today!

How to avoid make-up mishaps and skin care sins

Ladies, are you guilty of not removing your make-up daily?

I’m sure we have all fell victim to falling asleep with our make-up on after one wine too many, however, falling asleep with your make-up on does more than just ruin your sheets! This skin care sin can dry out and age your skin, lead to a break out, leave your lashes brittle and many other horrible effects.

Shockingly, one in three women three times a week are guilty of committing this beauty crime according to the National Average, and after speaking to some of my clients they all admitted to sleeping in their make-up at least twice a month.

Some people may think make-up removal isn’t a vital part of their beauty routine and that removing it in the shower in the morning is enough, but this is simply not the case. It is so important to remove your make-up if you want to maintain beautiful, youthful skin. The best way to do this is through cleansing the skin of daily grime and make up and making sure to moisturise your skin every time you wash to prevent it drying out. Believe me, it will be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your skin. I would also recommend exfoliating at least once a week. Seriously looking after your skin is the one beauty routine I would advise you to follow religiously.

A nice treat which is also great for skin care is to have a facial. The frequency of getting a facial depends on a few things: skin type, condition, budget and age. On average, getting a professional facial once a month is ideal for someone who wants to take good care of their skin. That’s because the skin is a living organ, and it takes 30 days for skin to regenerate and flake off. A professional facial stimulates that exfoliation process, keeping the skin more toned and youthful-looking. Try to have a facial at least four times a year as the seasons change. Believe me, your skin will thank you!

Now that we have covered removing make-up, let’s talk about applying it. We will start with the basics. Firstly, you need to start with a base so you should cleanse, tone and moisturise the face. I recommend at least two, if not three coats of moisturisers followed by a primer – a personal favourite is ‘benefit girl meet pearl’ which is brilliant, although I do feel it runs out quickly. Next you should apply a foundation. Every woman should go to a make-up counter and get a foundation matched to their skin, because no one wants to look orange or like a ghost! Then apply either your bronzer or blusher, whichever you prefer. I then go on to my brows, eye make-up and finish up with a translucent powder.

As mentioned previously, facials can depend on your budget, which is why at La Bella Signora we offer two types of facial; our mini facial which is £15 or the luxury facial which is £25. To find out more, check out our prices or get in contact today.

RIP Regular Nail Polish

Move over regular nail polish, gel polish and effects polish are here to stay

I think it’s now fair to say regular nail polish is dead. Don’t get me wrong, I still love an effects polish but with gel nail polish being chip free for up to three weeks, it really is the answer to everyone’s prayers. Gone are those nightmare situations where your nail polish chips off half way through the day and you don’t have your nail polish with you to touch it up.

Back in 2012 Alexa Chung started a nails frenzy after posting about her leather effects polish by Nails Inc. which she wore to the British Fashion Awards 2012.

Alexa Chung Leather Effects Nails

source: Alexa Chung

Now like many ladies I’m a huge fan of wet look leggings and leather jackets. They are safe items that go with anything, really stand out and complete an outfit.  Just like Miss Chung’s Nails which were a statement piece that everybody noticed and got people talking. When this polish was first released it had a 700 person waiting list in just Selfridge’s alone.

The polish goes on like an ordinary polish but dries with a matte leather look; there is also no need for a top coat as it ruins the matte finish and leaves a glossy shine over the top.

This is available from the Nails Inc. website costing £13.00 in a range of colours.

Another great effects polish is OPI liquid sand. OPI recently re-released their Mini Mouse collection. There was a variety of pinks and red but the one that caught my eye was the liquid sand i ‘Magazine Cover Mouse’ unfortunately this had sold out before I got my hands on it.

Luckily for me OPI have brought out a whole collection dedicated to liquid sand. This polish is truly amazing because unlike glitter polish, which needs several coats to get an all over sparkling nail, the liquid sand only needs two coats to get an all over glittery rough textured finish which lasts!

While I’m on the subject of effects polish, here is a sneak peak into what is going to be a big trend for autumn 2013. Nail Inc. have released a polish which is going to be a denim lovers must have. It’s similar to the leather effects but this one is a denim effect. You paint it on and it looks glossy and wet but dries to a textured denim finish.

On to a favourite of mine and every womans must have, Gel nail polish.

One of the biggest nail polish trends that is also timeless is a nude nail polish. It’s perfect for short nails because like nude shoes which give that look of a super model’s legs, nude polish does exactly that for your hands, elongating your fingers for elegant looking hands. It’s a very popular product among my clients with the majority having nude or coffee cake colour.

Now we have all heard of dip dyed hair, well a new trend is tip dipped nails. It’s normally requested with a clear polish and a glitter on the tips sprinkling down on the nail, but one of my more adventurous clients, Linda, requested a deep purple with a silver glitter fanning down the nail.

Purple gel nail polish with silver tips

Purple gel nail polish with silver tips

This will be chip free for up to three weeks and the glitter gives it an instant glam look for a cost of only £15.

At La Bella Signora we offer all clients gel nail polish manicures and pedicures, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk to you more about it.