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La Bella Signora’s Top 3 Festive Make-up Tips

Top 3 Tips to keep you looking stunning over the festive season

Top beauty tips from La Bella Signora

During the festive season, more women experiment with getting their make-up professionally applied or purchasing new make-up and trying it out at home. Studies have shown that women would rather impress other women than males or even their own partners and with so many Christmas parties and lunches to attend, it could explain the amount women spend on cosmetics over the Christmas period. So to make sure that you never fail to impress, I am going to share with you 3 top festive make up tips.

Tip 1. Highlighter

Nothing looks better than a beautiful, glowing face that highlights all of your best features. Highlighting make-up is a god send if you know how to use it correctly, and is a must have for any make-up bag! A personal favourite of mine is ‘benefit girl meets pearl’ which retails at £24.50 – it’s a twisty bottle with a highlighting shimmery cream inside. It is described as a face primer but is way too shimmery and definitely works better as a highlighter. You should put three small dots onto the top of your cheekbones and rub it along the top of the bone. I also apply a miniscule dot underneath each brow bone and a same sized dot in the corner of each eye. This gives an instant glow! The pinkie tones in it work great for my very light skin tone. If however your skin tone is medium to dark then I suggest you choose a golden toned shimmer, like ‘benefit sun beam’, which retails at £18.50. It’s much warmer in colour and looks great on tanned/olive skin.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. Source:

Tip 2. Brows

Brows are the most important feature on anyone’s face. They frame the face and the wrong brow shape is extremely aging on the skin. So the best advice I can give anyone is to get them professionally shaped; even if it’s just once every six weeks. It’s an instant pick me up! I would recommend if you can afford it to get them done every three weeks. There are so many great brow kits on the market and once again the benefit kit comes top of my list: ‘brows a go go’. The kit comes with tweezers, a mirror, a kohl eyeliner pencil, brushes, eye shadow, brow powder and brow wax and retails at £27.50. Its description online shows it’s not just for your brows but can also make your eyes look fantastic too!

Crave beautiful brows, NOW? With this exclusive kit you can
Line and define your brows AND eyes wherever you go-go.
It’s got everything you need for a professional eye-look anytime.

I personally think it’s the best brow grooming kit on the market.

Brows a-go-go

Brows a-go-go. Source: Benefit Cosmetics

Tip 3. Eyeliner

Eyeliner swept across the top eye lid can instantly make a statement and is a really elegant way to emphasise the eyes. The best way to get this look is to use a liquid eyeliner. I suggest Max Factor’s ‘Masterpiece glide and define liquid eyeliner’; it has the precision of a kohl liner but the glide is a liquid. It is like a felt tip pen that is very easy to sweep across the lid, whether you’re going for a thin or thick line, and retails for £6.99.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define. Source:

Everything discussed in this post can be achieved at La Bella Signora, with professional make-up applications for those Christmas parties and nights out starting at just £15 and brow shaping for just £6. Click here to get in touch today!